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Master Udo vs. the 4 Martial Art Masters

July 9, 2022 by Jorge Zhang

master udo
Introduction: You are Master Udo, a martial arts master. To prove that you are the best martial arts master around, you must sequentially challenge and defeat four other martial arts masters.

Design notes: This game is currently in development.
Back in 2019, I reviewed a pretty obscure game called Beatdown: Streets of Justice. One of the cool things about that game was the fact that they had a really cool system where you would overlay cards on top of each-other to form combos. I was inspired by this system because it was really creative and decided that I wanted to make a game using a similar system with my own twist on things. While I was inspired by Beatdown: Streets of Justice, I believe that the two ended up being extremely different.
The main twist that I am adding to this system is the face that the left side of every card is a restriction that limits where that card can be played within a combo. I think this is a very distinctive innovation because it makes the game puzzly and strategic rather than a push your luck game. I also worked hard to make this system the star of the show while throwing out any other systems that could bloat the game. For example, I originally had a health total in mind, but I found a way to remove that from the game and make it so that the cards in your hand also represent your health total. This also meant moving away from deck-building and towards a Gloomhaven-like hand management system. Making cleaner designs (essentially, less is more) is something I have been working on for a long time. I feel like I have gotten a lot better at avoiding bloat in my games after making a conscious effort to do so over the past year, which I am really happy about.


9 card layout: Print double-sided.

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Change history:

8/11/22: Booklet rulebook uploaded.
7/28/22: New art uploaded.
7/16/22: Published files, the rulebook, and a port.
7/9/22: published this page without components or rules.
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