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Over the past 2 years, I have tutored over 13 students across dozens of subjects. I have hundreds of hours of tutoring experience, and offer a personalized and different approach to teaching. My philosophy is to teach the underlying concepts rather than focus on memorization. That’s because facts are easy to forget, but concepts will last a lifetime. I hope to instill in others the same curiosity and passion for learning that has served me so well.

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In this game theory class, I use a fun example to illustrate the issues when there are more than 2 candidates to vote from

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“Jorge is able to connect really well, is a great listener, and is always looking to explain how to think about a problem in a novel way.”

“Jorge is the best kind of tutor because he provides tips on mentally approaching a problem and knows when to back off and let the student try.”

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In the following video, I explain the pirate problem to a group of students. See if you can solve this problem, and then check out the video explanation:

Five pirates (in order of seniority A, B, C, D and E) have found 100 gold coins. They must decide how to distribute them. The most senior pirate, pirate A, proposes a distribution which is either accepted or rejected by a vote (including the proposer. Ties mean that the distribution is accepted). If the plan is rejected, the proposer is thrown overboard and dies, and the next most senior pirate makes a new proposal to begin the system again. The process repeats until a plan is accepted or if there is one pirate left. Pirates base their decisions on four factors. First of all, each pirate wants to survive. Second, given survival, each pirate wants to maximize the number of gold coins he receives. Third, each pirate would prefer to throw another overboard, if all other results would otherwise be equal. And finally, the pirates do not trust each other, and will neither make nor honor any promises between pirates apart from a proposed distribution plan that gives a whole number of gold coins to each pirate. What is pirate A’s proposed distribution plan?

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