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Over the past 4 years, I worked as a tutor through World Wise Tutoring LLC (and since before that as a private tutor). I really enjoy tutoring because I find it rewarding to help someone understand a difficult concept for the very first time. I have a unique educational philosophy. I believe that everyone is innately curious about the world and that we all want to learn. Therefore, I am against memorization, high-stakes assessments, or the idea that you have to force a student to learn. I try my best to keep my lessons fun, engaging, and interesting. This also means focusing on understanding and not memorization.

Referrals: (collected by my employer)

“Jorge is able to connect really well, is a great listener, and is always looking to explain how to think about a problem in a novel way.”

“Jorge is the best kind of tutor because he provides tips on mentally approaching a problem and knows when to back off and let the student try.”

"The style of the tutor matches [Student name]'s style. It is a guided self-discovery that solidifies and builds confidence in the student’s own skills."

"Lessons are going great with Jorge. He is a very patient and knowledgeable tutor and [Student name] likes him a lot."

"Jorge is a blessing for my daughter. He not only helped with understanding concepts and helping with physics work but has boosted her confidence."

I have taught:

If you would like tutoring in a subject that is not on this list, then please contact me to see if I can do it.


I believe that a fair rate for my tutoring is 40 USD per hour. Firstly, being a good teacher is more than simply possessing knowledge. Most people in the US have graduated high school, and therefore theoretically could teach any high school subject. My experience as a tutor, however, has been that knowing the content is much less important than understanding the ideas and framework. For example, most people know that to remove a negative exponent you must take the reciprocal (such as 3^-3 is 1/27). Yet, people rarely understand why this is the case. That's where I come in- to explain the underlying concepts in a way that is memorable and engaging. Secondly, this rate does not account for any preparation time that I do in advance of sessions. For each session, I will ask for the content in advance so that I can look it over and think of the best way to explain it to my student. This allows the in-class time to be used much more effectively. Thirdly, consider that independent contractors like myself do not get outside benefits such as health insurance, and so this is reflected in the rate. Finally, 40 USD is the rate I generally get through the company I tutor at, and so this rate is in line with that. I do not tutor for less than this rate, but I can offer discounts or free first time trial sessions. In general, I tutor virtually through Zoom.

Good tutoring practices that I follow:

  1. Building a student's confidence. A large part of this is allowing the student to try problems on their own.
  2. Teaching patiently. I will happily explain the same concept multiple times in different ways until they stick- I especially like using analogies or examples.
  3. Allowing for questions. I generally pause after every major concept to allow the student to ask a question.
  4. Consistency and communication. I have never missed a scheduled session. If something comes up, I will let you know as soon as I can so that we can reschedule.

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In this game theory class, I use a fun example to illustrate the issues when there are more than 2 candidates to vote from
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