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Highschool Simulator

In this game, you play as a high school student at Daggers High. The goal of the game is to get accepted into the best college in the world (according to US News and Report) at any cost. (V. 2.2)


  • Sleep: You begin the game with 24 sleep. This is the most important resource, because you must spend 1 sleep every time you go to school. If you have 10 or less sleep, you can end the year.
  • Permanent Sleep: Sleep refreshes to 24 at the end of every year. This can be adjusted if you lose/gain permanent sleep.
  • Sleep stress penalty: For every 1 sleep below 10 you are at the end of the year, you get +1 stress. This means that you are guaranteed to mentally breakdown if you get 0 hours of sleep/night!
  • School: Going to school allows you to take 1 action. These are: study, socialize, chat, relax, and improve grade. Going to school also triggers a random event from that school year.
  • Study: This gives you 1 stat. Stats are attributes that measure how good you are at a subject, and are english, math, history, and science. Unlike other games, stats do not accumulate. You spend them like resources to achieve your objects, such as getting an A in a class.
  • Socialize: This gives you 2 friends. Friends are primarily used to buy clubs.
  • Chat: This gives you 2 Teacher Influence with one teacher of your choice.
  • Relax: This reduces your stress by 2.
  • Improve Grade: You can make a class an A by taking this action. You can only take this action if you have enough stats to correct the class (otherwise it will show up greyed out)
  • End the Year: You can proceed to the next year when you have 10 or less sleep. You often want to end the year early to avoid the stress penalties from having too little sleep.
  • Resume Points: AKA victory points, the more you have the better.
  • Stress: Once you have 10 stress, you mentally break down. Stress is automatically reduced by 10, and you must click on the "mentally breakdown" option.
  • Mental Breakdown: Every time you breakdown, you lose 5 resume points. You also lose a permanent sleep. Breakdown should be avoided at all costs!
  • Happiness: You begin the game with 10 happiness. You can spend Happiness to acquire powerful Pandering abilities. You get +1 stress at the end of each year for every 2 Happiness below 10 you are, rounded down.
  • Integrity: You begin the game with 10 integrity. Integrity can NEVER be recovered, but spending it generally gives you large advantages. At the end of the game, you get 1 Resume Point per Integrity unspent.
  • Pandering abilities: Throughout the game, you will have the opportunity to acquire these special abilities. They cost happiness.
  • Cheating abilities: Throughout the game, you will have the opportunity to acquire these special abilities. They cost integrity.
  • Teachers: How much every teacher likes you is measured by a number representing how much influence you have with them. Teachers can do two things for you. Firstly, you can spend a small amount of influence to get a special effect. Do not ignore these! Knovel, for example, allows you to spend 2 influence to gain 1 happiness. This is one of the only ways to regain happiness in the game. Alternatively, you can spend a large number of teacher influence to get a letter of rec. These are worth large numbers of resume points, and you can only get a rec once per teacher.
  • Grades: You can get an A or an F, no in-between. Getting an A gives you a resume points and teacher influence with the teacher that taught the class.
  • Perfect Grade Bonus: You get 3 resume points if you got straight A's at the end of the year.
  • Clubs: At the start of the game, only one club is available. You can lead an available club (therefore, writing it on your resume) for the friend cost, which gives you very strong bonuses. To make more clubs available, you will have to start them. This is NOT the same as leading the club, it ONLY makes them available to purchase. Franklin's ability is the easiest way to do this.
  • Less than 0: You can never have less than 0 Happiness, Stress, or Integrity. You CAN have less than 0 friends, stat, or teacher influence. This way, avoiding gaining certain resources is not a strategy.
  • Essays: You get dealt 2 incomplete essays at the start of the game. Completing an essay gives you another incomplete essay and some resume points. This can be a great source of resume points, but you will often have to invest time into meeting the conditions to complete these essays.
  • Special: Throughout the game, certain events will allow you to access this menu. Discover these for yourself!
  • Join the Discord: To get in contact with other players, join the Discord for this game! Click here.

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