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For each country, I have attached a downloadable PDF (created by former world champion, Chris Martin) containing some of the more common openings as well as some tips on initial negotiation. I have also provided my personal recommended opening for a first-time player.


Austrian Goal Sheet

F Tri - Alb
A Vie - Tri
A Bud - Ser


England Goal Sheet

F Lon - Eng
A Lvp - Wal
A Edi - Nth


France Goal Sheet

A Par - Bur
A Mar S Par - Bur
F Bre - Mao


Germany Goal Sheet

A Mun - Ruh
F Kie - Den
A Ber - Kie


The Lepanto is a must-read for Italian opening strategy.

Italian Goal Sheet

A Ven - Tri
A Rom - Apu
F Nap - Ion


Russia Goal Sheet

F Mos - Ukr
A War - Gal
F Stp/sc - Bot
F Sev - Bla


Turkish Goal Sheet

F Ank - Bla
A Con - Bul
A Smy - Con

FTF Diplomacy Tournament Tips:

Playing in a face-to-face Diplomacy tournament is significantly different from online play or even a house game. Here are some tips for beginners:

Additional Resources:

Articles on strategy: Diplomacy Archive
These articles are a great resource for players (both beginners and advanced players). There is an article for almost every opening imaginable.

Diplomacy World Zine: Diplomacy World
This is a consistently solid magazine about Diplomacy.

Diplomacy Pouch: The Pouch
This is an amazing online resource featuring articles from the Diplomacy community. The link will take you to the edition that this article is featured in.

World Championships 2016 Videos: Youtube Playlist
These videos are a fantastic way to see how FTF Diplomacy is played at a high level of competition. It features excellent commentary from former world champion, Chris Martin. The other strategy videos on his channel are great as well.

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