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For each country, I have attached a downloadable PDF (created by former world champion, Chris Martin) containing some of the more common openings as well as some tips on initial negotiation. I have also provided my personal recommended opening for a first-time player.


F Tri-Alb
A Vie-Tri
A Bud-Ser


F Lon-Eng Cha
A Lvp-Wal
F Edi-Nth Sea


A Par-Bur
A Mar S Par-Bur


A Mun-Ruh
F Kie-Den
A Ber-Kie


The Lepanto is a must-read for Italian opening strategy:

A Ven-Tri
A Rom-Apu
F Nap-Ion


A Mos-Ukr
A War-Gal
F Sev-Bla Sea


F Ank-Bla Sea
A Con-Bul
A Smy-Con

FTF Diplomacy Tournament Tips:

Playing in a face-to-face Diplomacy tournament is significantly different from online play or even a house game. Here are some tips for beginners:

Additional Resources:

Articles on strategy:
These articles are a great resource for players (both beginners and advanced players). There is an article for almost every opening imaginable.

Diplomacy World Zine:
This is a consistently solid magazine about Diplomacy.

Diplomacy Pouch:
This is an amazing online resource featuring articles from the Diplomacy community. The link will take you to the edition that this article is featured in.

World Championships 2016 Videos:
These videos are a fantastic way to see how FTF Diplomacy is played at a high level of competition. It features excellent commentary from former world champion, Chris Martin. The other strategy videos on his channel are great as well.

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