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About Daggers High

Daggers High is a board game about the competitive college admissions process.

What is Daggers High?

Daggers High is a board game about being a high school student battling through cutthroat college admissions.

How to Play

1. Play an Event Card from your hand

daggers high
An example of some of the event cards in the game

2. Take actions equal to the number in the top left corner

daggers high
The actions are located at the bottom of the player board. If your event card had a “2” in the top left corner, you could take 2 actions. This player has chosen to study and socialize.

3. Win by having the most resume points!

daggers high
One of the main ways to get Resume Points is to spend your Stats to get A’s in a subject. Players can do this by taking the “Test Corrections” action.


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Gaming Trend's Review

“Daggers High is an enjoyable tabletop that evokes feelings of high school nostalgia. The plentiful actions and tactical gameplay are engaging. The charming design and nature of the set pieces will put a smile on your face.”

Codi Spence, Author at Gaming Trend

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Kickstarter Campaign

Daggers High launched on Kickstarter on May 28th, 2019. It stopped short of the $10,000 goal, raising $2257 from 57 backers.

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Where else can I get Daggers High?

Play Online on Tabletop Simulator

Click here to download the files:

You will need to buy Tabletop Simulator, but after that you can play all sorts of board games online with your friends. And now, you can play Daggers High too!

Buy on The Game Crafter

I put Daggers High on The Game Crafter. Each time someone wants a copy of Daggers High, one will be printed on the spot. While it means no longer having the advantage of economy of scale, I was able to bring the costs down this way since it means not needing to make a print run of over 1000 copies in order to make the game. The cost comes out to about $37 before shipping, and you can find it here:

Fair warning: this is an abridged version of the game. In order to keep costs down, several significant things had to be done:

If you want the full, unabridged version of the game, buy one from me! I may still have some copies left from the original printing.


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