Jorge Zhang

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In May of 2018, I created a website. I did this because I wanted to document a one-year journey I took after graduating high school where I attempted to publish my board game, Daggers High, on Kickstarter. At this time, I knew very little about websites, and so I decided to use Bluehost to host my website, and Wordpress to create the site itself. This was very easy and worked for me for several years.

Then, on November 2020, I discovered Github Pages. By now, I had some more programming experience under my belt, and so I felt pretty confident that I could pick html back up (I learned a little bit back when I was still in middle school). I decided that I would transfer my wordpress site to Github Pages because it was more affordable, and I felt like I would have greater control over my own website. This was easier said than done! Upon downloading a static version of my site, I found that I had to reformat everything. In a static site, pages are not generated by a template or anything else. Instead, every page has its own html code. Thus, I had to reformat hundreds of blog posts, a process that took up most of my Thanksgiving Break. That brings us to the current day. This site is a static website hosted by Github Pages.

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