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Orp: The Market for Space Merchant Translators

June 27, 2022 by Jorge Zhang

space merchant
Introduction: Civilizations from all across the universe are meeting for the first time to trade and sell goods. A wealthy client has sent you to this grand marketplace to acquire a list of rare and obscure items. There’s only one issue: these items are so obscure that you have no idea how to translate the names of the items on your list so that you can buy them! Be the first to figure out the translated names for the items on your list so that you can acquire them first.

Design notes:
The original idea was to make a trading game. I really enjoy the trading mechanic in Settlers of Catan, and wanted to distill that element of the game as much as possible. I initially tried making it so that each card was worth a different amount of VP, but each player only knew the actual value of one item. I then tried removing VP from the game, which is how I ended up straying from a trading game quite a bit.


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Change history:

10/18/22: Edited this page to reflect the name change from "Space Merchant Translation Service" to "Orp: The Market for Space Merchant Translators."
6/27/22: published this page without PNP components.
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