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Idle Six

January 15, 2021 by Jorge Zhang

Introduction: An "idle" game is a game where you progressively gain more points, which are spent on upgrades that then grant even more points. These games generally have no win condition other than having massive numbers on the screen. The most famous example is a game called Cookie Clicker.

Designer notes: I wanted to make a game where players could collect a large amount of currency, make a lot of upgrades, but still only use a small number of components. That's when I thought of using dice as trackers for the digits of a number. There was only one issue: dice have 6 sides, not 10 sides. I was considering potentially using 10-sided die, but I don't actually have enough of them for the game I am trying to make. So instead, I decided to turn this bug into a feature by creating this game in base 6! I realized that the type of game I was trying to make was very similar to idle computer games, and from there I borrowed some ideas from that to make this game.

This game was entered into the 2022 9-card PnP contest. BGG Contest link

idle six prototype

Rules: download.

Files download.

Print instructions: print double-sided OR print separately and glue together.

Change history:

3/7/2022: Released the pdf rulebook 1/20/2022: Released files for the first time. 1/15/2022: First published page in the idea phase.
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