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Silent Ships

Can you lead your fleet to victory? Silent Ships is a 2-player card battler and strategy game. It is extremely portable, and has tons of replayability.

Buy on Amazon: It is $14.99.

Buy on the Game Crafter: This version of the game comes with a printed foldable rulebook as well as a printed tuck box. It is $16.99.

Buy on DriveThruCards: This version of the game is just the cards + box. It's not for sale right now but will be back up soon!

Silent Ships Rulebook

Silent Ships 1 Silent Ships 2

Rulebook download.

Silent Ships Print and Play

Page 1 (print twice) download.

Page 2 (print once) download.

Playmat (optional, print single-sided) download.

LOW INK Playmat (optional, print single-sided) download.

Silent Ships

Card list:
27 total cards
2 Firefighting Ship
2 Patrol Ship
2 Salvage Ship
2 Special Operations Craft
2 Patrol Boat
2 Missile Boat
2 Submarine
2 Frigate
2 Ramming Ship
2 Flag Ship
2 Fire Ship
2 Country
2 Island
1 Player Aid

Silent Planes - an Expansion to Silent Ships

This expansion introduces a new type of ship: planes!
Card list:
27 total cards
2 Decoy Ship
2 Cursed Ship
2 Fighter Jet
2 Ammunition Ship
2 Donut Ship
2 Bomber
2 Carrier Plane
2 Attack Plane
2 Leviathan
2 Meek Ship
2 Goliath
2 Country
2 Island
1 Player Aid

Silent Planes Print and Play

File (print once single-sided) download.

Change history:

12/08/2021: Added Silent Ships and Silent Planes Print and Play files.
11/12/2021: Now that this game is published, this change log is just here for those interested.
10/16/2021: Flag ship now no longer loses the game but sinks 2 ships from your deck, discard, or hand. I did this because losing the game outright feels a bit too sudden and extremely punishing. It is still really bad to lose the Flag Ship. Fire Ship was slightly buffed. You can discard 1 card to discard the Fire Ship instead of sinking it after it is successfully used. This fixes one of the major issues with Fire Ship, being that it can effectively only be used once in the game. I don't think it will be too strong because you lose card advantage but there could be a strategy where you purposely sink your other ships to loop the Fire ship every turn. Possibly too strong in the late game. Speed Boat got a small rewording to make it more clear. Ammunition Ship has been removed from the game and replaced with Firefighting Ship. This was due to a small communication goof with the artist, but actually I was never really happy with Ammunition Ship. The effect is that if an adjacent ship would sink, you can discard 1 card to return it to the hand instead. This can protect a flag ship extremely well or just in general prevent your ships from being permanently sunk. That said, once your opponent knows about the Firefighting Ship they are sure to take the opportunity to sink it as it has 0 attack. Art added for some of the ships. 9/22/2021: Cards are now horizontal instead of vertical since ships generally are quite wide and this allows for full-card art. Special Operations Craft reverted to original effect. Retreats now occur before an attacker declares supports. Heavily considering having the defender declare supports before the attacker in order to further reduce the ability to stall, but decided to hold off for now.
9/19/2021: Ammunition ship is now +3 attack, and ramming ship is 4 attack on the opponent's turn.
9/17/2021: For thematic reasons, changed the terminology "unit" to "ship" and changed the terminology of "captured" to "sink." Additionally, Salvage ship now has 2 base attack but has +1 attack per opposing ship sunk. Special Operations Craft now has an entirely new ability that swaps itself with any sunk unit when on an island/opponent's country. Speed boat now has 4 base attack and can move up to 3 spaces in one move. Additionally, players now draw 3 cards per turn instead of 2. This makes the game more "swingy" and speeds it up overall.
9/15/2021: You can play the game online on Tabletopia here:
9/14/2021: Named the game "Silent Ships"
9/13/2021: Added clarification that a unit with no available retreats cannot retreat, and that the attacker occupies the space it is attacking if the defender chooses to retreat. Additionally, updated Fire Ship's card text to reflect that it is captured after defending, and also fixed the player guide which incorrectly listed step 4 of combat as step 3.

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