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How to get Infinite likes on Facebook… and also get 11 alt accounts banned

A couple weeks ago, the Georgetown Club Sports Facebook Page announced that the most liked photo on their page would become the next cover photo. Objectively speaking, out of all the photos, this one is clearly the best:

Anyway, for some reason, the Ping Pong team had more likes than us, which was simply unacceptable. That is when I decided that extreme measures had to be taken to secure our victory. As it turns out, up to twice per day, you can like a facebook post on a page with a facebook page. Moreover, for each email account you have, you can create a facebook account. That means that per facebook account, you can like a post twice per day, which means that you can like a photo on Facebook infinite times!

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I named one of my accounts “Jorge Zhang and onebillionotherpeople” so that it would look like a billion people had liked the photo.

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Create a page by clicking “Create” on the top sidebar. Then, navigate to the post, and use the drop down menu on the right to like the post as your page.

It didn’t take long for Facebook to notice, and subsequently lock me out of 11 accounts. In order to log back in, I would have to provide a unique phone number and receive a special code. This actually makes a lot of sense on Facebook’s part: in theory, they could be banning an actual person, but that person would likely have a phone number that they could use to log back in. I tried using disposable cell phone numbers from online, but it seems that Facebook would either not send the code to that number, or it had already been used by someone else.

Facebook also “unpublished” most of the pages that I used to like this post. The damage, however, was already done, and our post retained its artificially high like count of (as of April 12th) 108. Unfortunately, Ping Pong stepped up its game as well, and now has 130 likes. Additionally, since I got banned from all of my Facebook accounts, I can only like this post twice per day.

That is why I need your help- if you have a Facebook account, please like our photo. With the above trick, you can like this post up to twice per day!

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