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Take Out Card Game Review

Take Out the Card Game is a fast game about ordering food at a Chinese restaurant.



Players begin the game with 5 cards in their hand. This can be a combination of action cards and food cards. Each turn, players draw a card and then play up to 1 food and 1 action card. Each food card has up to 2 flavors on it- and once someone collects all 6 flavors, they immediately win the game. This can be difficult due to the array of action cards that allow players to swap, steal, or discard another’s food cards.


Hidden within this simple game of delicious dishes were some interesting strategies involving depriving your opponent of cards in their hand, playing weaker cards so that they cannot be stolen, and holding stronger cards for later to secure victory. Some, however, pointed out that the stealing was a bit too strong for their tastes. The card often led to an outright victory since there is no way to block it. In addition, there is a large amount of luck involved, and replayability seems limited. All that being said, Take Out is an easy-to-teach filler game with a unique theme that will appeal to a more casual audience.

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