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Hi everyone! I thought that I would just take a moment to share the new progress I’ve had with Daggers High. You may be aware that Daggers High recently launched and failed on Kickstarter. Although this was disappointing, I still wanted to find a way to get Daggers High into the hands of people. I found a way to do that, and it is quite affordable: on-demand printing.

What is on demand printing?

On Demand printing simply means that each time someone orders a copy of the game, one copy of that game is printed and sent out. This is incredibly inefficient price-wise since economy of scale works against you. That being said, it can be a good fit for simple games that involve a small number of components, especially if those components are generic. On the upside, you don’t need to print 1000 copies of a game in order to get it produced. I’m really glad something like print on demand is possible now, as it’s a great way to make smaller projects a reality.

Where can I find Daggers High?

You can find Daggers High on the Game Crafter here:

Let me be clear: this is an abridged version of the game. In order to keep costs down, several significant things had to be done:

  • No Game Box
  • Removed the FUN entirely (and all associated event cards)
  • Removed Essays entirely (and all associated event cards)
  • Removed Achievements entirely
  • Cut 6 Clubs, 6 Influence Cards, and 12 Event Cards
  • 25 small cubes instead of 36 per player. No medium cubes included.
  • Removed dice.
  • Removed special characters
  • Smaller player boards
  • I make 0 profit off of sales

Due to all of this cost cutting, I was able to bring the cost per game to just $36.83. You’ll also have to pay for shipping though, and for me it says it costs $8.07, which means that in total you would be paying around $48.70 per copy. That being said, it’s a way to experience the game, and so my ultimate hope is that this allows people to still purchase, play, and enjoy Daggers High.

Prototype copies

If you want to have your own copy of Daggers High, I still have prototype copies left and am more than happy to sell them! I am selling them at $49 per copy, but it comes with the full game included. Here’s a picture of the prototype copy:

Daggers High

What do you think of print on demand? Is this something you would consider for your own game? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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