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Cryptex Hunt 2019

This is a Cryptex

The Cryptex Hunt is AWESOME. If you enjoy puzzles, you will enjoy the Cryptex Hunt. I also participated last year, and I have to say that the Cryptex Hunt is consistently my favorite puzzle hunt of them all. Part of the reason why is the fact that it generally starts off with easier puzzles and gets progressively harder. That means I can actually do some of the puzzles, unlike a couple of online puzzle hunts where I literally was unable to solve any of the puzzles correctly. Secondly, the puzzles are fantastic. They always are very thematic, interesting, and beyond “clever.” Honestly, I can’t run out of good things to say about the people who run the Cryptex Hunt.

But the primary reason I enjoy the Cryptex Hunt is because the community surrounding it is so helpful. People aren’t afraid to give you hints and work together on puzzles with you. I collaborated with many different people from all different skill levels and puzzle abilities, and contributing to each-other was the best part of the puzzle hunt.

Anyway, check it out here: ! If you do, I promise that I will make time to help you get started. You have until the end of March to solve all of the puzzles, and then you have a chance to win a Cryptex!

Still need convincing? Let me show you a short small-spoiler tour of some of the puzzles.

Google Maps lets you see indoors???

This puzzle had me using google maps to find the code- how cool is that? That was just the first step in a long internet adventure.

White, Black, Red, Green, Purple, Blue

You had thematic puzzles like this one that will drive you crazy until you realize that you’ve been thinking way too hard.

He’s counting on you to solve this puzzle

You also had extremely elegant puzzles like the one above. This picture and the taunt “He’s counting on you” is the entire puzzle. Yep. That really makes this one of my favorites, even though it was extremely frustrating to solve.

Some more familiar traditional puzzles as well!

Finally, you had puzzles that challenged your trivia (or maybe, your googling) skills, and combined them with some clever tricks. Like the puzzle pictured above.

I admittedly did not solve all the puzzles… I’m stuck for the 1000th time! There are a couple in there that I think only the most hardcore puzzlers will be able to get without help. That being said, puzzle hunts are the most fun when you are not alone and have people to help you out. So, feel free to join me on my quest to finish before the end of March!

Last years’ Cryptex Hunt was on a much vaster scale and took up several months of my free time. I have to say though, the Cryptex Hunt has really streamlined things and lived up to their legacy. After last years’ fantastic and unique experience, I wasn’t sure they could repeat themselves. But they honestly really have, and I can’t recommend it enough!

Are you participating in the Cryptex Hunt? Let me know in the comments below so that we can work together! Thanks for reading!

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