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Gordian Knot Games LLC

April 23, 2020

Hey everyone! In order to prepare for an upcoming kickstarter for Daggers High, I decided to start a company. I’m happy to announce Gordian Knot Games LLC! The name is inspired on a puzzle that I 3D printed with my high school’s 3D printer. I was really into 3D printing puzzles during my time there, and while I made a lot of memorable ones, my favorite was the Gordian Knot.

The Gordian Knot is a puzzle made out of six pieces- and the goal is to put them together and take them apart. While this task is easy to state, it is very difficult to solve. When I first attempted to solve the Gordian Knot, I spent several hours and felt like I was pretty close to the solution. In the end, I couldn’t solve it and had to look up the solution online. Seeing the solution made me realize that I was no where near close! I think this is a good metaphor for the games that I’d ideally like to make. They’re easy to learn- but difficult to solve or master.

A picture of the Gordian Knot puzzle

If you want to try to solve the Gordian Knot yourself, you can 3D print one through this link: Good luck!

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