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Symbols for Clubs

Hey everyone! Just thought I’d share an update with the club cards for Daggers High. This is the old design:


And now:


I felt that the front of the club cards were pretty bland, and I always wanted to add some symbols onto the cards. I unfortunately didn’t know where to get the symbols from- until I remembered the backs of the club cards.


I was able to get the individual symbols from the person who designed this card, and so I split up the clubs into 4 different categories. Some of the symbols are a bit weird: for example, the symbol for Football is a basketball, and the symbol for Hypnosis club is a paintbrush and pencil. Overall though, they fit pretty well. Here are some samples:

poker poker poker poker

These four categories of clubs are: Academic, Recreational, Sports, and Arts. The following is a list of the clubs that belong to each category.

Academic (9): Math Team, Debate, Chess Team, Science Olympiad, Model UN, Robotics, Poetry Slam, Scholastic Bowl, and Environmental Advocacy.

Recreational (6): Personal Fan Club, Meme Connoisseurs, Poker, Video Gaming Society, TV and Film Appreciation, Coding club.

Sport (5): Basketball, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Cross Country, Soccer.

Arts (4): Yoga, Hypnosis Club, Theatre, Tea and Meditation.


These symbols currently do not have any gameplay use. So, what was the point of adding these symbols? Well, it is two-fold. Firstly, I think the symbols generally looks aesthetically pleasing and add to the theme. Secondly, I do plan on fixing the Essay card “Braggarts Essay,” which relies on having the Personal Fan Club. The issue was that the Personal Fan Club might have never shown up throughout a two-player game, and thus that essay was heavily luck dependent. Instead, an Essay card goal might be to have a set of 3 Academic Clubs. Thus, my plan is to add a few more Essay cards and fix the old ones.

Let me know what your thoughts are! Thanks for reading, and make sure to subscribe if you enjoy this content.

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