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Five Player Playtest + Town Crier Promotion

Hey everyone! A while ago I had the first five player playtest. See for yourself!

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It was pretty difficult to get four friends over to pull this off, but we were able to do it in the end. It was actually pretty fun, but there were some practical difficulties. Because there were only 8 teachers, teacher recs became a lot more competitive (I actually think this was a good thing). Also, clubs and essay cards ran out quickly and so it was also increasingly important to flip Essays. The game was not actually that long. We didn’t time the game, but it went under 2 hours I believe with all of the players being experienced with the game. The five-player variant was also pretty balanced and felt on par with the other player counts. All this being said, I wrote in a previous post that I planned on scrapping the five-player variant. In this instance, I felt like the cost was prohibitively high for the reward. I’ve almost never had exactly five people around to play the game with- but adding in an extra set of pieces as well as an additional player board would increase the overall price of the game by a non-insignificant sum.

Plus, if you really wanted to play a five-player game, you could always buy a second copy.


In other news, an ad for Daggers High is featured in the Town Crier! The Town Crier is a space to promote board games, and so I am very glad that they were able to feature mine. Check it out here:


Also, recently the box art was completed for the game. I’m very happy with it, but I won’t fully share it just yet. Still, I thought I’d share the logo with you for now:



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