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Components List and Changes

Hey everyone! I’m back from hiatus with a list of the components in Daggers High. I’ve decided to do one post each week on Fridays, starting next week, so look out for those!
A couple of notes on the components. I made a couple of changes to the sizes and quantities based on some initial investigating into pricing. One thing that surprised me was the cost of the box. Some sites quoted me with the box being almost 50% of the total cost per unit! Who knew boxes could be so expensive? The game boards are also pretty expensive, but not to the same extent, followed by cardboard chips. Thus, I decided that the cost didn’t justify adding in a 5th player board and an additional set of player pieces + more FUN chips + more grade chips. This means that the game will be 1-4 players rather than a 1-5 player game. However, you still theoretically could play a five player game (or more?) if you had two copies of Daggers High.
Initially, I wanted the cubes to be 8mm, 12mm, and 16mm (that is the way they currently are sized). However, it quickly became apparent that 16mm cubes were not a standard size and nobody sold them. So, the cubes are now 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. The cubes themselves are pretty cheap, but because I have a lot of them, they really start to add up. I’m definitely going to start paying much closer attention to how many cubes are used per playtest so that I can hopefully cut down on the cost of this.
As I mentioned before, chips are also pretty expensive. They mainly are expensive because I don’t have that many of them, but they are purchased by sheet. The cards are pretty affordable, but because I have so many of them they are a pretty significant chunk of the cost. And finally, I need a d6 die. The cost of that is pretty negligible honestly. I’m actually not sure about how the prices would scale for a large quantity run; this post was written using the quoted prices for a print of fewer than 10 copies of the game. Adding everything in though and including shipping costs, I estimate that the prototype run of the game would cost about $50 without the box. It would cost a lot more with the box, so I am probably going to just get blank boxes and use those instead. Let me know what you think in the comments below!
Here is a list of the components:

1 Rulebook

Cards (155):
3 Achievement Cards
20 Essay Cards
21 Freshman Event Cards
21 Sophomore Event Cards
21 Junior Event Cards
21 Senior Event Cards
24 Club Cards
24 Influence Cards

All cards are double-sided in color. Poker sized.

Boards (5):
1 Teacher board
4 Player boards

All boards are single-sided. 8.5 by 11 inches.

Player Components (1200):
4 sets of 36 8 mm cubes (180)
4 sets of 8 10 mm cubes (40)
4 sets of 10 12 mm cubes (50)
4 sets of 6 sliders (30)

Sliders are 10mm by 10mm. They can be meeples or pawns, just as long as they are distinct from the cubes. The 4 sets should each be a different color.

Chips (72):
8 FUN Chips (double sided, color, 1.5 in x 2 in)
64 Grade Chips (double sided, color, .5 in x .5 in)

Dice (1):
1 D6 die


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