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Hi everyone! I’m back for this week’s post. Today I wanted to share something exciting: we got Daggers High listed on Board Game! You can find the listing here: This is pretty neat since it is another place to discuss and share things about the game. Also check out the Facebook group:

A large obstacle for me so far has been finding a way to generate excitement for the game before launching on Kickstarter. Since I haven’t made any games before, I don’t have a pre-built community that I can rely on to promote the game. I also don’t have great access to board game conventions where you might take a game to promote it. Thus, one of my goals is to build as much of an online presence as I can before launching so that I can bring in as many backers from outside of Kickstarter as possible. By reading this blog, you are helping me tremendously! Thanks for reading as always, and make sure to subscribe if you have not already done so.

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