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New FUN Chips

Hey everyone! I thought I’d share the FUN chips with you. One interesting piece of feedback I got was that it would be very funny to have a “score 0” chip. This also makes sense practically, since it allows me to print the 0 chip on the back of the 36 chip, and the 35 chip on the back of the 34 chip.

After making the “score 0” chip, I felt like it was missing some snarky flavor text. The fact that it is impossible to “try harder” at a die roll is not lost on me. I think it’s funny. This made the “score 0” chip stand out too much, so I ended up just adding flavor text to all of the chips.

poker poker poker poker

What did you think of the flavor text? Let me know, or give your own suggestion for flavor text in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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