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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk about a couple of clubs that don’t fit into any category or grouping. While it is neat to see clubs that share similarities with each-other, it is also refreshing to get clubs that are unique and different.


I always thought that this card was pretty funny thematically. Making others lose Integrity is actually really good, and I’d argue usually better than gaining a RP. This makes Environmental Advocacy one of the best ways to pull ahead in RP for it’s cost. In addition, it also gives 2 Science Stat each year, which is pretty relevant actually.


Theater is the most expensive club in the game and has a negative immediate effect. With a RP value that is not that outstanding, this club would be terrible if not for its a fantastic Yearly ability. Gaining 8 Teacher Influence is really strong because it helps put rec pressure on important teachers. It also is very flexible since the teacher abilities cover a wide range of different effects. It is difficult to steal due to the price, with the downside of being a clear target for Budget Cuts in Junior Year. Still, this club can pay some serious dividends and is a solid investment.

What do you think of these clubs? Let me know in the comments below!

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