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Zero Value “Chill” Clubs

Continuing with the club series, I thought I would talk a bit about this series of 0 Resume point clubs. While they don’t give any Resume Points, their low cost and strong effects can often make up for it.



To start off this series is coding club, one of the first clubs ever made. Over the iterations it has been changed considerably, but the main idea of trading Integrity for an A has remained the same. It also turns out that hacking into gradebook to change grades isn’t too far off from reality as it has apparently happened before. Anyway, this club used to cost 5 Friends and give 1 RP, but I ended up changing it to match the rest of the clubs in the series. While it was fine at 5 Friends, I think it works well as a cheaper club as this way it can be obtained for just a couple of socialize actions. It has a lot of utility as a club to get in order to complete the perfect club requirement, or an essay. However, because of the 2 Integrity cost, it isn’t a great club otherwise as only some of the science classes can offset that loss.


TV and Film Appreciation is a History Stat engine. It’s cheap at 3 Friends, and pays itself back at the end of the year. It’s also not worth any Resume Points. The idea for this club was based off of a few of the clubs at my school where people would just watch movies. They’d normally have fancy names, like a discover more about ____ club, or an “appreciation” club, which felt perfect to use for this game.


While it is actually a pretty legitimate job to compete in massive video game tournaments for prize money, I felt like I needed to get in a joke about how it’s “worthless” to colleges. The club reflects that, but also gives back Happiness at the end of each year. This is actually very relevant since not only can this club be good damage control to prevent a breakdown, but it also makes it more difficult to break-down in the future due to lower happiness penalties. Although it isn’t worth any RP, it can help prevent a -5 RP Detention, which is a solid trade-off.


What do you think of these clubs, despite the fact that they are worth 0 RP? Let me know in the comments, and make sure to subscribe if you enjoy this content!

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