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New Achievement Cards

August 6, 2018

Hello everyone! Today I have a couple of Achievement cards to show you. Stud Gov President had a long over-due change ever since switching from a sleep cube system. Originally, it had an effect that negated the effect of any event card played for the cost of sleep cubes (which would now be considered action points). However, I felt that this wasn’t very fun since it makes planning moves ahead of time moot. I also didn’t like the fact that the effect was not preventable by actions another player could take. What ended up happening is the cost was either too high or too low, and it could be perfectly calculated.

In this new version of the card, it costs Friends to use the ability of Stud Gov President. In addition, the card is given to the player with the most Friends after this cost is paid. This means that other players can stockpile Friends to make it difficult to use. It also is consistent with the Influence Card, Hostile Takeover, at a cost of 6 Friends to take a club. Reflectively, I think this is too low of a cost since it both benefits you AND hurts another player. Thus, the effect might be better as a higher cost. Another thing that could make this card change is the fact that I want to try out having clubs be able to be stolen for their purchase price. Thus, the effect could be somewhat redundant if this turns out to be a good change.

The FUN card was changed to make the effect clearer, and officially implement the 2 Stat discount rule that seemed to be a solid addition to the game. The card does feel a bit crowded so the box might shrink or the flavor text might be shaved a bit in a future version.

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