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Negative value clubs

Hi everyone! Continuing our club series is the three negative valued clubs. Despite making you lose Resume Points for owning them, they come with powerful effects and are relatively cheap to obtain. I also think these are some of the funniest clubs in the game, which is a big plus.


Poker used to be undoubtably the worst club in the game at -3 RP and a yearly effect of +2 Stress. It has been buffed since then to be in line with the other negative value clubs, and also grants Friends at the end of every year to make up for a pretty crappy yearly effect. Gaining stress at the end of the year is pretty bad because it leaves one vulnerable to an attack in the next year, and risks a breakdown. However, in Poker’s case, it could be worth it to give a needed boost to a player’s Friend economy, or immediately gain some math stats for a class.



This is one of my favorite clubs to get because it is a steroid club that immediately gives you 6 Friends in exchange for making it really hard to stockpile them in the future. The yearly isn’t as bad as it seems because you can choose the order of effects so that it doesn’t interfere with gaining friends through other clubs. Still, it is something to think about before picking this club up Freshman/Sophomore year. I think this card is almost always worth it Junior and Senior year since you can minimize the damage from the yearly effect and the -1 RP is not that bad considering that 6 Friends can usually make that back up.



This club is another “steroid” club that is basically free to pick up, and gives a lot of Happiness to boot. You need to own it to use one of the Essay cards, which is pretty cool. I also like how it seems naturally balanced: while it is better to get Junior or Senior year, Happiness tends to be worth less towards the end of the game. I also like this card thematically. It is pretty outrageous to have a club dedicated to your fans, which is what makes this hilarious to buy.

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