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New Teacher Board

July 30, 2018

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with you the new Teacher Board. It is still a work in progress, and the portraits are placeholders for now. Eventually though, the teacher portraits would be drawn.

This version of the teacher board attempted to fix a couple of issues:

  1. Too small for all the cubes
  2. Bland design
  3. Point tracker

In order to do this, I elongated the board vertically so that the teachers have more space on them. In addition, the track around the board now has numbers to help players keep track of Resume Points. I had a version with all the numbers- but it felt too crowded so I only keep track of every 5. Finally, the teachers now have faces on them.

However, testing this out revealed that the amount of space for the cubes isn’t actually that much bigger since the track shrinks the board when I print it out on my printer. It still is workable though- just not as big as I would like. I enjoy the portraits a lot- I think it adds nice thematic elements to the game. I ended up really liking the point tracker and it is a very useful tool. It is really neat to see all the swings within the game.

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teacher board
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