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Adjusting Cards (part three)

July 29, 2018

Hi everyone! Today will be a short post since I decided to just do one card (mainly because I am lazy). Let me know what you think, and subscribe by using the subscribe widget if you enjoy this content!


Mandatory Volunteering

first-post first-post

Ah, the joke card of the Freshman deck. I really liked this card because it made fun of service learning (and also acknowledged its existence within Dagers High). However, it simply was too much of a disadvantage for the player who draws it to the point of being exclusively used for discard fodder or the occasional Graff steal. This way, the card can have some utility as either building up Teacher Influence for recs or potentially setting up some powerful combos. Because the card does not have any action points, a player wouldn’t be able to go directly into a test correction, but can still obtain clubs (maybe by playing off of Palprinic) or gain Stats though investing into Yasse or Alberg.

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