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Origin of Dagers High

June 5, 2018

Dagers High was first thought of back in October of 2017, while I was still in high school. From the start, the idea was to make fun of the college admission process, where students race to build up their resumes without really thinking about what they enjoy or actually learning.¬†I had initially wanted to name the game after my high school, but there was¬†copyright problems with using the schools logo (and the school wasn’t very pleased with the idea of being portrayed as hyper-competitive). So for a while, the game was just “the High School game” while we revised all of the identifying information. A lot of the cards at this point in time were named after specific events or references to my school, as well as the names of my actual teachers, which obviously had to be changed. Because I didn’t want to end up using generic names for everything, at some point I had the idea of making anagrams for all of the names. Thus, Dagers High was born, with Dagers being an anagram for “grades” as well as a homophone for “daggers”.

The teacher names are also all anagrams or mini-puzzles. See if you can figure them out, and leave a comment if you do!

teacher panel

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